The skyrocketing price of egg in Nigeria has become a major concern nationwide. Prices have gone up a lot recently, making it hard for families to afford this basic food.

Inflation: See How Much Egg Cost In Enugu State

Enugu Residents Lament

Some residents of Nsukka, in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State, have lamented the high cost of eggs, making it beyond their reach.


The residents expressed their views in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria on Thursday in Nsukka while reacting to the present market price of ₦5,000 for a crate of egg.

Mrs Stella Nduka, a housewife, said for some time now her children have not been able to eat eggs because of their high cost.

Current Price of Egg 

“The present situation where one egg sells for ₦200 and a crate of egg sells at ₦5,000 is worrisome.

“Before, I usually use eggs to cook noodles for my children but now I can’t afford it because of its high cost.

“My customer in Ogige Market Nsukka says the fault is not from the sellers as they sell according to how they buy from the poultry farms.

“My customer says presently he buys a crate at ₦4,500 from the poultry farms and sells a crate at ₦5,000,” she said.

Sellers Not To Blame

Mr Jude Ugwuoke, who has a fast-food joint at Aku Road, Nsukka decried the high cost of eggs, which he said had adversely affected his business.


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“Before, I was preparing one packet of noodles with two eggs for my customers at ₦1,200 but because of the high cost of eggs, it is now ₦1,500.

“I am losing many customers because my customers are complaining that the ₦1,500 is too much as only a few now patronise me.

“Government should intervene before my business closes. By January this year, the cost of an egg crate was between ₦2000 and ₦2,200,” he said.

Mrs Juliet Onah, who sells eggs together with other food items in Ogige market Nsukka food section, said the sellers were not to blame for the present hike in egg price. They sell according to how they buy the commodity, she insisted.

“I buy eggs from poultry farms, I bought these eggs on Tuesday this week and I bought a crate at the price of ₦4,500 and resold at ₦5,000.

“You can see my gain is only ₦500 despite the transport I paid to go buy the eggs.

Problems like disrupted supply chains and higher production costs are the major causes of the price increase.

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