Independence: Nigeria Sick, Religious But Spiritually Dead – Archbishop Ibezim

Ahead of Nigeria’s Independence day celebration, the Archbishop, Province of the Niger, and Bishop of Awka Diocese, Most Rev Alexander Ibezim, has described the nation as sick, religious but spiritually dead.

He said the nation was corrupt, and God was not happy with the nation.

Ibezim also said that prayers were not enough to save the nation from its decline over the years. He said while people call for frequent fervent prayers, the problem was bigger than prayers.

He said, “An honest assessment of our country shows that our country is sick. Nigeria is an elderly country but sick. Sick in the sense that at this stage Nigeria should have grown a mature nation – a nation that would have been able to contain its own problems and live a healthy lifestyle. But Nigeria of today is sick – economically sick, politically sick, and spiritually sick.

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“Every time people say: pray, pray, God is not an author of confusion. God is interested in how we live our lives. Everybody is religious in Nigeria. But religion without ethical values has no meaning because God abhors corruption; and God abhors wickedness.

“The prayer of a wicked man is an abomination in the sight of God. Our political leaders should know that their time has tenure. Life is a journey. People are crying that life is very difficult. There is a day of accountability. If there is no accountability here, there must be accountability before God. Leaders should know they are leading human beings not animals.

He added, “I’m not saying Nigeria has not survived. I’m not talking about survival, but I’m talking about a nation that is sick. That’s is the true state of Nigeria today. For any nation to survive, that nation must be spiritually alive. Once you are spiritually dead, you can’t be physically healthy. Nigeria should go back to God in sincerity.

“We have sinned against God the Almighty God, the politicians, and all of us. No matter the policies you formulate without addressing the spiritual decay in the system, the healthy aspect will be a dream.”


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