It is Impossible To Manipulate Election Results In A/Ibom – Igini

It is Impossible To Manipulate Election Results In A/Ibom - Igini

The Resident Electoral Commissioner in Akwa Ibom State, Mike Igini, had said that it is impossible for anyone to manipulate election results under his watch.

This comes on the back of the judgement of an Akwa Ibom State High Court, sentencing Prof. Peter Ogban to three years imprisonment for electoral malpractice.

The University of Calabar lecturer was found guilty of tampering with results of the Akwa Ibom North West Senatorial District in favour of the All Progressives Congress in the 2019 general elections.

In a press briefing, Igini said that the INEC structure was set up with robust tracking systems to monitor elections in Nigeria.

He said, “The legitimacy of electoral process can only be safeguarded if offenders are punished. l should say that those who desire or crave the honour of a king should not break the law of the land, otherwise they will forfeit public respect.

“So, l agree with you that what happened (the judgment) is a watershed development that will help to restore and reinforce public confidence in the integrity of the electoral process under the leadership Prof. Mahmood Yakubu and his commitment to a sane electoral environment where attitudes are shaped and confidence established that the ballot remains the best means of expression of the will of the people as to who can assume position of authority to exercise power in a democracy.

“You cannot rig election successfully under my watch with my team either through the use of violence or compromise of permanent staff or ad hoc election result collation and Returning officers like this Professor that had just been convicted by the court.

“We have developed robust tracking systems of monitoring election day process with early warning triggers in our electoral operation support system, fully implemented here in Akwa lbom during the 2019 election that captured some of these serious.”


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