I’m Sure You Smoke Weed- A Follower Replies Genevieve Nnaji

A social media fan of Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji commented on a recent picture of the actress that he is sure she smokes weed.

Genevieve recently took to her social media page on Twitter to share a lovely photo with her cute dog simply dressed and wore a beautiful sunshade as she posted in her car with her dog.

The actress while sharing the photo, accompanied the post with ‘hey there’

As usual, fans took to her comment section to gush over the photo while others were surprised she was responding to comments as well.

Of all comments from her fans, one was quite funny. It was from a Twitter users simply identified as JoeBoyLala (@Oyebade_). He told the actress that he is sure she smokes weed.

He wrote: “I’m so sure you smoke weed Genny!”

JoeBoyLala’s comment took the star actress by surprise as well as other followers and she took to the comment section to react to his post.

The star actress seemed to be both surprised and greatly amused. She reacted with a series of interesting emojis that showed her mood. She also wondered what made the fan assume that she smokes.

See her reply below:


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