iBrandTV now streaming live

Nigeria’s finest and one of the nation’s top notch media house iBrandTV is now streaming live.

The media outfit with core participation in Business News amongst other news came on air live today on YouTube.

Speaking on this great achievement, the Managing Director, Anwuli Onyeagu, commended the team on their efforts in making this step a success.

She maintained that the outfit will continue in pursuant of its great mandate in ensuring that every informations it put out is ride off political sentiment.

According to her, “We are live now and we will continue to provide quality news globally, right from our end to the finger tips of everyone, regardless of their location.

“At iBrandTV, we leverage on Business News and analysis, Politics, entertainment, documentary, sport, health and lifestyle.

“We analyse the nitty-gritty of business story to those at the top down to the common man. We are not just giving business story but we analyse business policies.

“We go down in ensuring that everyone understand how the policies affect the common man. We advocate for a situation where everybody flows with the policies in other to ensure effective understanding.

“We build business content around all sectors of the economy.

“We are also open for business proposals and partnership.”

You can watch IBrandTV now by clicking on the link below.




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