I Was Against Serving As Vice President Of Nigeria- Goodluck Jonathan
Ex-president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan

Supporters of Goodluck Jonathan will say that during his tenure as the president of Nigeria, he was more productive and has much more achievements and accomplishment.

But not many of them will know that would not have become president of Nigeria if he was allowed to go by his desires.


The former president was picked as a running mate for late President Musa Yar’Adua.

Until Yar’Adua’s passing, Goodluck Jonathan held the vice president position for three years.


He then took over as Nigeria’s president and served until the end of his term.

He helped Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product rise to $503 billion in 2013 and Nigeria became Africa’s largest economy and the 26th in the world.


While all of that achievements are in the kitty for the former President, he ahs some hidden things about him he wants you to know.

On Wednesday, former president Goodluck Jonathan claimed he was against serving as vice president of Nigeria in 2007.

Nevertheless, destiny had other plans for him.

He claimed that he nearly sobbed when he was named Nigeria’s second-ranking citizen and added that he had no idea he would eventually hold such a powerful position.


On visiting Bayelsa State Governor Douye Diri on Wednesday to offer his condolences, following the passing of the governor’s father at Sampou Village in the state’s Kolokuma/Opokuma Local Government Area, Jonathan made the announcement.

Goodluck Jonathan Speaks On Serving Nigeria

“As a leader in the country who had the privilege of serving at the state level and national level, I can only advise that politics is not about that you must be there.


“If God wants you to be there, you will be there.

“If it is not yet your turn to be there, you will not be there.

“When I became a vice president I almost cried, I never wanted to, but that was my destiny and I had to move.

“So, I advise people who are interested in these offices and their supporters to conduct themselves very well. They want to serve us, not to serve themselves.

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“I always tell people that if you are so ambitious, then go into business.

“If you want to be in the state assembly and people don’t want you, fine, go and sleep.

“You want to be a governor and people don’t want you, go and sleep or do business.

“But if you want to serve us as a people, then you must be humble and you will not kill us before you serve us.

“So, people must conduct themselves peacefully and if God wants them to win their elections, they will win their elections.” he stated.


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