I had anxiety, trauma being an index case, Atiku’s son speaks from isolation

Atiku’s son speaks from isolation centre

Mr. Abubakar Atiku, former Vice President of Nigeria son Mohammed Atiku, has spoken on his experience from his COVID-19 isolation centre in Abuja.

Mohammed Atiku state that he was asymptomatic in his first few days at the isolation centre and nervous.

According to him, “I had a level of anxiety and a little bit of trauma, especially being the index case here in Abuja.

“On the 20th of (March), I tested positive for COVID-19 and I was brought over to the Isolation Centre at Gwagwalada University Teaching Hospital where I have been since.

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“I am currently on my 12th day here and I hope to be out soon – perhaps when my next test is taken and the results are favourable. I should be on my way out, hopefully.

“I decided to do this video so that I could speak about my experience to be of help to Nigerians.

“I was asymptomatic in my first few days here and nervous; I had a level of anxiety and a little bit of trauma, especially being the index case here in Abuja. That was really the main challenge.

“But day by day, I grew stronger, thanks largely to all the goodwill and prayers and support I got from a vast array of Nigerians many of whom I don’t know. My family and friends too and a whole lot of people.

“I thank God I am well and good.”

While commenting on his greatest challenge, Atiku said: “Fake news is very bad, it compounds your problems. Perhaps being from a political family, I did not really feel that pain as much, but people who are really vulnerable, this could affect their health.

“I urge Nigerians to be very circumspect the way they treat information that is false, this affects health conditions. In my own case, even people in the estate I stay in were agents of fake news and it is quite unfortunate.

“I urge Nigerians to come together to see how we can support one another because this is a challenge to our society, future and present. The quicker we come together and realise that this is a problem that requires a collective effort, the sooner we overcome it. The longer it takes to achieve this, the more the impact.

“Thankfully, as you can see the statistic, most people will be fine from this, but we can not ignore the few that will not be fine from this, so let us work together and support the government, comply with the directive from the World Health Organisation, The Federal Government, so that we can over this challenge sooner than later.

“I will advise that we pray and show our medical staff a lot of support, they are at the front line, they are risking their lives.

“Let us come together, put aside politics and defeat this pandemic as one,” he added.



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