I caught my guy’s babe with an old man, but she gave me N15k to keep quiet, what should I do? – Man seeks advises

A Nigerian man on Twitter identified as @cliqik has narrated how he caught his friend’s girlfriend with an old man but in a bid to make him not to report, she paid him. He disclosed that the incident which happened at a bar in the night involved his friend’s girl who he caught kissing a man old enough to be her uncle.

Narrating further, @cliqik said that on waking up in the morning, he received a credit alert of N15,000 accompanied by the caption; “Pls don’t tell him”. However, being that he was not certain of the best decision to take, he asked if he should accept her offer and mind his business or return the money and report to his friend.

Nigerians He tweeted: “I saw my friend’s gf last night in a bar, kissing a man that’s old enough to be her uncle. This morning, I woke up to a credit alert of 15k from her with the caption “Pls, don’t tell him”. “Should I accept her offer and mind my business or refund the money and save my friend?” See his tweet:



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