Once upon a time, Nigeria was the top producer of palm oil, leading the world in the 1960s.

The country’s lush, green landscapes were filled with large plantations that produced over 60% of the world’s palm oil. This golden era brought wealth and pride to the nation.

How Nigeria Can Save $600M Annually From Local Palm Oil Production


The Decline Of Nigeria’s Palm Oil Industry

However, over the years, different governments ignored this important sector and the industry started to decline.

Other countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Colombia took the lead.

Today, Nigeria ranks fifth among palm oil producers, making less than half of the three million metric tons it needs each year.

Financial Burden Of Imports

In the middle of this challenge stood Alphonsus Inyang, the President of the National Palm Produce Association of Nigeria (NPPAN).

He saw a chance to bring back Nigeria’s former success and glory.

Now, he speaks with a strong belief, revealing that Nigeria could save a huge $600 million every year if it brought its palm oil industry back to life.

“We’re spending $600 million every year on red oil imports,” Inyang said passionately.


“This money could be used to grow our economy, create jobs, and drive progress if we paid proper attention to our oil sector.”

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Inyang’s plan is big but doable. He suggests a strategy called the National Oil Palm Strategy Development Plan, aiming to develop 250,000 hectares of plantations every year.

He believes that Nigeria could fill its production gap within just four years.

Government Support Is Essential

But Inyang is also aware that this change cannot happen just from the blues.

Now, he wants the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security for help.

“We need seedlings, fertilizers, logistics, and tools,” he emphasized. “The government doesn’t need to develop the land for us.

“With the right supplies, our members can plant up to 250,000 hectares per year and create new millionaires in 28 states.”

According to Inyang, his vision is not about more, but something more.

He is saying a future where Nigeria is a strong player in the global palm oil market.

A future where new farming ideas emerge and where many people find jobs.

Hope For Palm Oil Farmers

Furthermore, he believes that with the government’s support, good policies, and financial help, Nigeria will meet its internal needs and also export again.

He believes that as the years go by, hope will spread across the nation, with farmers, businesspeople and leaders seeing the possibility of a brighter future.

Emphatically, he expressed the belief that Nigeria’s palm oil industry will rise again and bring back its past glory.

Indeed, with determination and teamwork, the journey to transform Nigeria’s palm oil sector promises a new chapter of success and pride for the nation.

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