Hilda Dokubo Slams Pastor Bakare Over Political Loss

Hilda Dokubo Slams Pastor Bakare Over Political Loss





Nollywood veteran, Hilda Dokubo has also joined Daddy Freeze to ridicule popular Nigerian Pastor, Tunde Bakare over his inability to secure a vote in the just concluded APC primaries held in Abuja.

Pastor Tunde Bakare who participated in the race for the presidential ticket of the party ended with no single vote in his name.

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His loss was announced after the sorting of balloting on Wednesday, June 8th after respective delegates had cast their votes.

Making a mockery of him, Daddy Freeze wondered how a pastor would use 100million to buy presidential form and yet couldn’t get a vote.

He questioned if truly religion isn’t our biggest problem.

“A pastor uses 100m to buy form and can’t get a vote and y’all say religion no be our problem?”.

Supporting him, Hilda Dokubo took to her Instagram page to mock him.

She questioned if the pastor didn’t vote for himself hence the reason why he couldn’t get any vote.

“So even Pastor Tunde Bakare did not vote for himself? What a “stepping up” hahaha”.

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