Nigerian actress, Toyin Abraham has recently found herself at the center of a social media storm.

Amidst ongoing controversies and online debates, Toyin has been controversially labeled as a “bully” on her Wikipedia page.

Haa! Toyin Abraham Bags New Title 'Bully' On Wikipedia


The actress has been complaining about being trolled on X and other social media platforms because of her political choice during the 2023 presidential elections.

Some people keep asking her what Tinubu told her during the 2023 elections and others use negative words against her.

Although, she fights back against the trolls, but now, she is exhausted from dealing with them.

Eventually, she decided to take action by reporting the incidents to the police.


A man named Ayo has reportedly been arrested in connection with trolling Toyin Abraham.

This arrest has sparked outrage among users on X and other social media platforms, leading to an increase in online attacks against Toyin.

Many social media users began trolling her even more aggressively, reporting her page, and spreading negative information about her.


New Title

This intense backlash likely contributed to her being labeled as a “bully” on her Wikipedia page.

In addition, the arrest of Ayo has led to a wave of support for him, with social media users calling for his release.

This has generated the hashtags #FreeAyo, as people rally to solicit his freedom.

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The controversy has further fueled more online harassment against Toyin.

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