Grant amnesty to economic saboteurs in Nigeria, Cleric tells Buhari

Grant amnesty to economic saboteurs in Nigeria,  Cleric tells Buhari
Apostle Vitalis Odumma

Apostle Vitalis Odumma, the Senior Pastor, LifeGrace Ministries International with headquarters in London, has urged the Federal Government to grant amnesty to those who sabotaged the Nigerian economy, especially those who stashed money away to foreign countries.

Odumma said this on Sunday in an interview with newsmen in Abuja, noting that granting them amnesty must come with a condition that the stashed funds would be returned and invested in the country to create employment for Nigerians.

He said that the recession that hit the country had negatively affected economic and social lives, and must be tackled in a more drastic manner for things to normalise quickly.

“The Lord spoke to me and said I should tell the government of Nigeria that if they want this country to live well again, they should grant amnesty to every Nigerian who stashed money abroad, but with condition,” he claimed.

He said: “I don’t know if amnesty is the right word, but many of our rich men have taken our money abroad; you can’t keep money and expect things to work; money should flow and go round.

“I live abroad for over 30 years now and I know that the western world knows how to invest our money and make it work for them.

“I know that politicians who have taken our money away are afraid that if they bring it back, government will go after them.

“But if the government allows them to bring it home and tell them that they won’t be prosecuted, provided they invest it in Nigeria to create employment, then things will be better.

“This is one of the things the Lord told me and if this money is in the country, whatever that is happening now like insecurity and hunger will not happen because there will be enough money in circulation,” Odumma said.

According to him, government should have strict laws in place that prohibit anyone from stashing money to foreign countries, and also be ready to implement the laws no matter whose ox is gored.

This, he said, would rapidly bring the country out of recession and create employment for the teaming unemployed youth.

The cleric who claimed to have prophesied the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 and that of Gov. Hope Uzodimma before the 2019 general election, said God’s plan is to make Nigeria great again.

“In the first coming of Buhari, I told PDP members to forget about the 2015 presidential election that Buhari was going to be president.

“That was what I saw and I didn’t bother to make it public and that was why when God showed me that of Hope Uzodimma, I quickly disclosed it on Facebook.

“I don’t normally prophesy on politics but I think I have to be doing that often to help change the narratives.

“That prophesy on Uzodimma was the first I did on politics and I pleaded with God to show me the way forward so that the people of Imo will not fight, and on March 4, 2019, the Lord gave me a prophecy.

“The Lord said Rochas Okorocha has been a good man but his plan to bring his son-in-law was not what he wanted; the Lord also said I should tell Emeka Ihedioha that his time will come.

“God told me to tell Ararume and others to relax that the anointed person was Hope Uzodimma. That prophecy came to pass through a Supreme Court judgement,” Odumma added.

The UK-based Pastor said he was not bothered when Ihedioha was announced after the election because God had spoken and was only telling people “just watch”.


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