God’ll pass through Nigeria April 16 – Prophet Jones Erue

*Urges Osinbajo to lead prayers

God'll pass through Nigeria April 16 - Prophet Jones Erue
Prophet Jones Erue

AS Nigeria grapples on how to contain and treat those already infected with the dreaded coronavirus pandemic, Prophet Jones Erue of Jabez House of Prayers, has prophesied that God would pass through Nigeria and heal the country of the dreaded pandemic.

Erue in a statement titled; “A Prophetic call for solemn Assembly: Its time for God’s move, said; “the spirit of God directed my attention to Joel 2: 15; Joel 2:15 as He instructed: Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly.

“God said He will move through the land of Nigeria on the 16th of April and there will be a great shaking after which, there will be absolute calmness in the land.

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“The Vice President, Pastor Yemi Osinbajo should as a matter of urgency, call a solemn Assembly and proclaim a fast as a representative of God in this Government.

“He (Yemi Osnibajo) shall select seven ordained servants of God and few selected men of goodwill who shall fast and intercede in prayers on the aforementioned date on behalf of our dear nation with Him.

“All ordained Servants of God and Men of goodwill across the Nation shall join in their homes to pray and intercede for our Nation. Women of goodwill should also wail and cry to God in prayers for the sins of the land to be forgiven.

“God said, he will answer our prayers and there will be calm. This is the word of God to our dear nation as it came to me”.


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