How to Get Traffic to Your New Website

The Fastest Ways to Bring Traffic to a New Website 

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We talk a lot about improving your website conversion rates on the Crazy Egg blog, but do you want to know the simple truth?

Optimizing your website for conversions is step two. Knowing how to get traffic to your website is step one.

To put it more bluntly: Your conversion rate doesn’t really matter if you don’t have any traffic to begin with.

Once you’re getting a fair amount of traffic to your website, you can optimize your content and pages based on the behavior patterns of your target audience. That’s step two. But as they say, you have to walk before you can run.

Today, you’ll learn how to get traffic to your website.

The Importance Of Bringing Traffic to Your Website

Only a small portion of your overall web traffic will convert on your offers. For reference, I have an exit intent popup on my personal website where visitors can sign up for my email list in exchange for a lead magnet. My conversion rate is about 7.5 percent — that’s very good.

Your visitors might convert at just 1 percent or 3 percent. That paints your web traffic in a whole new light, doesn’t it?

How can I Check the Traffic on my Website?

It’s impossible to know where you stand unless you’re tracking traffic to your website. I recommend Google Analytics. It’s free, easy to use, and quick to access.

Google Analytics will provide you with tons of useful website data, such as your total number of visitors, new users, and length of visitor sessions. You can visualize the data several ways, from graphs, to pie chart, to raw numbers,

You want your traffic to go up over time, though you’ll likely experience short-term fluctuations based on many different factors.

For instance, if you run a B2B software company you might struggle to generate traffic during the holiday season. Unless you sell holiday-related products or services, you won’t entice people as much.

Year over year, however, you want your web traffic to go up.

Following is my ultimate guide on how to get traffic to your website. It’s based on lots of content I’ve written on my personal blog as well as new insights I’ve developed since writing that content.

I urge you to read every word, especially if your Google Analytics account suggests that your website is pretty much a ghost town. It’s time to drive more traffic to your site so you can convert those visitors on your amazing offer.

How to Get Traffic to Your Website (Neil Patel’s Ultimate Guide)

Increase Traffic to Your Website With These 18 Unusual Tactics


Sometimes, you need to think out of the box to increase traffic to your website. You might already know most of the basics, but in this post I share 18 new, improved, or special tactics that can have an immediate impact on your total web traffic.

From creating a thank-you page that highlights other companies and people to writing a response post to someone else’s article, these tactics help you build your reputation and your search engine rankings.

The more creative you get, the more popular your content will become.

7 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic by 206%


If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s how to get traffic to your website. I don’t just parrot tips and strategies to my audience. I prove my expertise through real numbers.

For example, Crazy Egg’s traffic jumped by 206 percent after we implemented seven simple strategies.

I go into detail about the smaller tactics, such as creating better headlines and leveraging traffic from other sources, but you’ll also benefit from the high-level strategies that frame this post. Use it to experience a quick, massive traffic jump on your site.

What Should You Do If You Have a “Great” Article That’s Getting 0 Traffic?


There are few things more frustrating to a marketer or business owner than writing a spectacular article that never gains traffic. It might be the best piece of prose since “War and Peace,” but nobody’s looking at it.


If you’re getting no traffic to an incredible post, you need to figure out how to point people in the article’s direction.

Aggressively promote your content to anyone who might have an interest in it.

You might also want to cross-post it on other sites. LinkedIn and Medium can become fantastic sources of traffic if you build your following on those sites.

How to Increase Your Website Traffic Without SEO


I know I’m always harping about SEO, but believe it or not, you can figure out how to get traffic to your website even if you don’t have any SEO strategy. You just have to get a little more creative.

Advertising and social media offer the top two ways to generate more traffic without SEO in place. If you can get eyes on your content, you’ll have accomplished the first hurdle of lead generation, and as word of mouth spreads, your traffic will grow.

How to Grow Your Blog to 100,000 Visits a Month Within 1.5 Years


You might already know this if you’re familiar with my work, but I grew Crazy Egg to 100,000 visitors per month in just 18 months. That’s a shorter time frame than with either Quicksprout or KISSmetrics.





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