African nations are bound together by common challenges of gripping poverty, ill health, poor education, violence, hunger and economic growth rate that is far too slow.


From West to Central, East to Southern Africa; from Nigeria to Ghana, Libya to Egypt, Zimbabwe to Lesotho, the story is the same: Africa continent is under the vice-like grip of poverty, hunger and shrinking opportunities. This bleak reality does not respect creed, social class and ethnicity. Thus, the deprived and forgotten; those who yearn for a better life but are unable to live their lives to the fullest potentials litter the socio-geographical landscape. in increasing numbers.

With the failure of leadership, this grim outlook looks set to continue unless Africans themselves decide to take their future in their hands by exploring global trends and opportunities hitherto unharnessed on the continent. The basic necessities of life such as shelter, clothing and feeding will continue to elude a large segment of the citizenry unless Africans evolve creative solutions to overcome the highlighted pitiable condition. Those who continue to look up to government to provide for them in order to take care of their basic needs such as accommodation, the provision of food, shelter, access to health care, healthcare services etc are needed living a fools paradise. It is like waiting for Godot!


Gradually, this grim outlook is changing albeit slowly. In increasing numbers, many pragmatic and ambitious Africans are becoming bolder and more creative; they are embracing decentralized solutions with the ABiT advantage to create new opportunities for themselves and by so doing break out of the grinding poverty plaguing the continent. These brave warriors of the African economic jungle have refused to be pigeon holed by a system that provides little opportunities for the conservative class.

The decentralized solutions to Africa’s problems is made possible by the blockchain technology which encourages financial inclusion. By its very nature, the block chain technology with Bitcoin as its flagships is decentralized since it does not rely on a central point of control. The absence of a single authority makes the system considerably more secure,transparent and fairer. It is imbued with a revolutionary quality which ensures its value of decentralization.


With Africa’s unbanked population at a staggering 1.2billion people and a population still on the rise, the possibility of the continent becoming the largest consumer market in the world is real. The decentralized solutions to Africa’s problems powered by the ABiT business and marketing portfolio has the capacity to create endless opportunities for Africans by revolutionizing the way Africans do business.

Thus, with a decentralized system powered by ABiT solutions, the possibilities of access to housing, investments, shopping, games, music payments etc real time is no more in the realm of possibilities; it is real and has berthed in Africa. The revolutionary aesthetics of ABiT solutions makes it a change agent in a class of its own. These creative solutions and services are simply leveraging on the transformative capacity of the blockchain technology to make life more meaningful for everyone in a number of ways using different packages which ensures quality services real time.

Given the strategic nature and the centrality of the blockchain technology to these solutions and services, the ABiT Trader, the first crypto currency education and mentorship system in Africa aims to train prospective investors/students to understand, trade and analyze crypto currencies and the block chain technology. The main objective of this mentorship system is to help Africans take full advantage of crypto currency and the block chain technology. The main objective of this service is to make investors in crypto currency stay profitable while trading through the deploying of critical insights and analyses imbibed in the course of the training. Using the ABiT Crowd package, Africans can now invest in real estate with ease and transparency. Through the instrumentality of ABiT Crowd, Africans more than before now have the opportunity of becoming land owners and real estate investors with minimal risks.

The advantage of this service is that the promoters of this package in addition to the highlighted services on offer will also source for real estate properties, negotiate the best possible deal and crowd fund for purchase. It also takes care of the investment and performs periodic evaluations to be published on the platforms so that investors can monitor the growth of their investments. Investors can also buy and sell shares to property almost instantly on the website or app.


ABiT Rep is an affiliate marketing system where people can earn good money just for believing in the products on offer in the ABiT portfolio. Just by talking about these products and getting people to talk about them is indeed a profitable enterprise.

Also, ABiT Discount Shopper aims to make life more meaningful for everyone in Africa through a discount shopping platform through which people can buy all products for daily consumption at heavily discounted prices. The icing in the cake may well be the ABiT Play which is an entertainment and recreational platform for products such as games, music, movie streaming services etc. The beauty of this service is that people can have fun and at the same time make money for themselves.


It is often stated that the customer is king we have also added the growing community of brand believers and influencers to this category. The utility token called Tatcoin, another offering from ABiT portfolio is focused on simplifying payment processes for goods and services and will cover a platform of products and services. These include real estate, payments, shopping, entertainment etc.

Decentralization needs collaboration to work. Change starts with you and I but greater change happens when we act together. Decentralization is not a day’s business and as we all know; little drops create a bigger ocean. In other to see massive change, we have to work together to introduce, monitor and create communities garnered towards the change we desire. ABiT has beautiful plans and products that can easily help the crypto currency industry in Africa experience massive interest, adoption and growth, but ABiT cannot do it alone. An Africa wide campaign is only possible if our friends in Tanzania, Cameroun, Ghana, Italy, etc, will join hands with us to create platforms, communities and products that will bring change faster.

The Chinese are invading Africa, the Germans, Americans, Britons and Arabians are invading Africa. They have the purchasing power, wit and force. And we are up for a possible pseudo colonialism. Individually,we cannot match them money for money, team for team, intelligence for intelligence. But when we all pull energies together, we become a force. if they are talking, 5 million dollars, we can go above and beyond because of collaboration. This is the time to line up behind African Projects, this is the time to prove that Africa is ours and will always be ours.

(Chibueze, a motivational speaker, writes from Abuja).


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