At Federal University Oye Ekiti (FUOYE), a shocking event has stirred up deep discussions about justice, identity, and how society views certain behaviours.

FUOYE Criminology Student Arrested for Alleged Rape of Fellow Student

Caught In The Act

On June 17, 2024, it was reported that a criminology student named Asiwaju, in his final year, was accused of sexually assaulting another male student inside his living quarters on campus.


The news spread quickly across the campus and social media, sparking strong reactions.

The police acted swiftly to prevent any violence from occurring in response to the allegations.

As the details emerged, people couldn’t help but notice the irony: Asiwaju, who studies crime and law, now finds himself accused of a serious crime.

This irony led to many conversations online, with people expressing shock and questioning what might have led Asiwaju to allegedly commit such an act.

NAOSS Issued Statements

Meanwhile, the National Association of Ondo State Students and the FUOYE Student Union have issued statements distancing themselves from the accused, clarifying that he is not a member or affiliate of their organisations.

FUOYE Criminology Student Arrested for Alleged Rape of Fellow Student

National Association of Ondo state students in a statement said: “We want to clarify that the individual Oni Olalekan popularly known as Asiwaju accused of sexual assault and who has publicly denounced our association on Monday 10th of June 2024, is not a member, an executive or appointee of our association.


“We would like to clarify that this individual is not a member of our association nor has any affiliation with us.

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“It is important to ensure that this distinction is clear to the general public and that any misinformation is addressed promptly.

“We take these matters very seriously and stand for a safe and inclusive environment for all our members.

“If you have any concerns or information that you think we should be aware of, please do not hesitate to reach out to the association board.

“Let’s continue to uphold our values and principles as we strive for a respectful and supportive community within our association”.

FUOYE Student Onion Statements 

Also, the FUOYE Student Union in a statement said: ” Disclaimer. This is to inform the general public that Oni Olalekan, popularly known as (Asiwaju), is not a member of the Students’ Union Government nor is he an appointee of the Students’ Union Government.

“Any claims or assumptions to the contrary are incorrect. Please take note and disregard any misinformation.

“Please be assured that the FUOYESUG is actively addressing this matter and will take all necessary actions to ensure that justice is served. Thank you”.

In a country like Nigeria, where cultural norms and laws are changing, this case highlighted the challenges faced by individuals whose identities and experiences may not fit traditional expectations.

As the investigation continues and the legal system works through the case, one thing is clear, and that is, this event has left a lasting impact on the FUOYE community.

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