Funke Akindele finally unveils faces of her adorable twins – They’re so beautiful to behold (Photos)

The celebrity life is quite enviable and so dreaded at the same time. Your life practically doesn’t become yours anymore, your fans out of love would want to know what’s going on with you and haters alike would want to know how well to rate your current situation.

Funke akindele

For female celebs who have welcomed newborn babies, some of them take as much as a year or more before posting the full pictures of their children. A lot of times, this decision is driven by security reasons and also the motherly instinct not to expose the child to social media too soon.

Popular Nigerian actress Funke Akindele-Bello appears to have finally listened to the outcry of her fans and followers on social media to show off the face of her adorable twins boys.

Funke Akindele marks first birthday of her twin boys

Since the Nollywood star welcomed her bundles of joy in 2018, she has consciously made her babies faceless on social media.

On several occasions when she feels the need to show the’ off on her social media pages, the pictures or videos mostly feature the backside of the little ones.

The mother of twins finally unveiled her babies’ faces to the world. This is the first time Akindele has shared a full frontal view of the babies. Even at that, the picture does not give too much as one may have expected and it does not look like it was taken recently.

See the post below:

Funke Akindele-Bello unveils the faces of her cute twins (photo)



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