Free download link for Merry Men 2 causes serious war on social media

The free download link for Merry Men 2 was widely requested on social media which led to serious rants by Nollywood actress Ufuoma McDermott.

Ufuona McDermott disclosed that it is the wickedness in the heart of some Nigerians that has manifested to the level that they had to storm her social media platforms requesting for link to download ‘Merry Men 2’.

According to her, they are the ‘evil people’ her pastor told her about that they don’t want her to progress in life.

She posted a video of herself addressing the issue on her Instagram page asking those requesting for the link how they will make their money.

She added that the only way the movie owners can make their monies back is by putting the movies in cinema for people to pay and watch.

watch video below;




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