Forte Oil officially unveils new brand Identity

Following approval by the Forte Oil shareholders at an extraordinary general meeting last year, the company has yesterday, unveiled a completely new brand, name, logo, and tagline.


The company’s new brand name, Ardova, hewn from a combination of the Dutch/Arabic word: Aarde, meaning earth and the word ‘value’ mirroring the company’s corporate strategy and sustainability leadership.

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According to the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, CEO, Olumide Adeosun, “The most important quality we bring to the market right now is our history and legacy of more than five decades in the energy downstream sector.

“Our long and proud legacy gives us a vantage position from where we can see things differently about how energy is consumed today. It is from this platform we are building a new brand geared to lead to a future where energy is consumed differently, such that we are poised to deliver energy for a brave new world.

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“The company has existed in Nigeria for 56 years, starting as British Petroleum (BP), trading almost exclusively in fuels and lubricants.

“The company we are building for the future, is a people-first oriented and star service one. One, with sound management in place to deliver a holistic brand vision, with deep investments in technology and sustainable expansion of our retail network.

“The company had previously informed its stakeholders that 25 percent of its revenue over the next three years will come from low carbon and renewable sources. We are confident in our brand’s ability to deliver.


“Plans are being finalized for a corresponding optimization of our retail network experience and a gradual roll-out of the new brand livery across all former Forte Oil stations in the country.”


Meanwhile, The new logo features a hexagram styled icon as the leading visual concept and takes on the moniker (AP) which creatively connects the company to its rich history and heritage, a design approach the company took to help create a nexus between history and modernity.



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