For the First Time Manchester City surpasses Manchester United in revenue

Man City surpass Utd on and off the field | The West Australian

Manchester City not only won the Premier League title in 2020-21, but they also           out-revenued their rival Manchester United for the first time.

According to KPMG, the club made $735.9 million in income during the season, surpassing Manchester United’s $636.3 million. With $663 million in income in 2019-20 and $812.7 million the previous year, Manchester United is usually the highest-earning side in the Premier League.

With only $910,000 in matchday income, Man City was able to accomplish this milestone.

The club made $383.2 million in broadcasting revenue and $351.7 million in commercial and other revenue.

Manchester City’s parent company, City Football Group, is collaborating with Oak View Group to create a $495 million mixed-use arena next to the team’s Etihad Stadium.

In July 2021, City Football Group received a $750 million loan to help develop a new stadium for their Major League Soccer team, New York City FC.

Manchester City was one of only two championship-winning clubs in Europe’s eight major leagues to exhibit operating revenue increase from 2018 to 2019, according to KPMG.


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