Temple Hill Supermarket Gutted By Fire, Lose Goods Worth Millions Of Naira (video)

Goods worth millions of naira have destroyed inside Temple Hill supermarket, as fire razes down the popular supermarket in the early hours of Thursday.

It is yet to be ascertained what caused the fire outage, the fire raged heavily destroying a portion of the supermarket complex, and the goods inside the supermarket.

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Temple Hill is a supermarket with over nine outlets around Lagos, from the affected Festac outlet to Ire Akari outlet, Lekki outlet and other outlets scattered around Lagos.

Men of the Fire service later came on the scene to put the fire but until a lot of damage had been done. The owners of the business will already be counting their losses while regular customers will have to look elsewhere to get their products.

This is happening at a time when when business struggling to survive in light of the recent trends at the stock market and the fall of the naira against the dollar, not forgetting the persisting inflation issue


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