According to section 40 of the 1999 Nigerian constitution, every individual has the RIGHT TO PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY AND ASSOCIATION.

However, Toyin Abraham has had one of her fundamental human rights trampled upon so many times.

This was after she publicly declared her support for Bola Tinubu during the 2023 presidential elections.

Toyin Abraham
Toyin Abraham

In a post she shared online during the presidential campaigns, Toyin said President Tinubu shared ideas and strategies on how he was going to make Nigeria better and that made her choose him as her candidate.

Sadly, the reverse is the case as untold hardship was unleashed on Nigerians from the first day President Bola Tinubu resumed office when he yanked off fuel subsidy.

From then till now, the economic condition of the country has worsened as the common man can barely feed due to rising inflation.

As a result of this, the angry masses have been pouring their frustration on the current administration and its supporters during the election.

Sadly, Toyin Abraham happens to be one of the Tinubu supporters who angry Nigerians pounced on.

The Nigerian actress has been asked several times on social media to reveal the ideas she said the president shared with her to make Nigeria better as they are experiencing the opposite.


In a post shared on X, an online user (OTUNBA) asked the big question “politely” unlike those who have been asking her rudely by cursing and trolling her.

“Maybe one day Toyin Abraham will divulge the plans Bola Tinubu shared with her to the public. I strongly believe we deserve to hear.
Thank u @toyin_abraham1”

Toyin Abraham Responds

Surprisingly, she answered him saying, the president promised her good governance and happiness for Nigerians which she believed.

In addition, she said it wasn’t her fault that he “didn’t keep to his promise.”

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“You asked me in a polite way so I will definitely answer you, of course I was told n promised good governance n happiness for everyone and wish I believe.

“If things didn’t go well why do I have to be the one to suffer for it because i remember I voted Jonathan and I was bullied but I didn’t put blame on anyone after everyone choose buhari. So please why would they be cursing n trolling me everytime?”

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