FFK: Attending Journalists ‘chickened out’ – Suleiman Aledeh

Suleiman Aledeh

Ace broadcaster, Suleiman Aledeh, has berated journalists who attended a press conference where former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, insulted a journalist.

The former Assistant General Manager (AGM) Media and Communications of Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC), said the journalists ”chickened out” by apologizing and not calling him to order for calling the reporter stupid.

Eyo Charles, the reporter from Daily Trust, was dubbed ‘small-minded’ and ‘stupid’ by Fani-Kayode for asking who was bankrolling his tour of southern states.

Aledeh, who is the Publisher of Aledeh Media an online outfit, in his remark, said, ”Many have called to know what I feel about my friend FFK’s outburst on a colleague. These are my thoughts:

”FFK was out of order. At best he should have refused to answer or give an answer.

”All journalists present at the Special Conference goofed. They chickened out. You only do that because you have been so unprofessional about the job that you were blinded by what you get or what you were going to get!”

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He charged Journalists to not pologize for doing heir jobs, saying it was erroneous for them to not have staged a walkout or make him answer the question.

”Never sit and apologise for doing your job. For the many years, I invited FFK on tv or published his works or news about him, not a kobo was given. Not one! For not staging a walkout or taking him on that singular issue of making him answer that question, the entire bunch goofed,” he added.

He, however, blamed brown envelope syndrome among reporters, and called on their employers to question them.

He said, ”Their employers must ask them each why they did that. I know a lot of great journalists. While I worked in the corporate sector, I had the chance of working with the finest who NEVER took a dime from me for doing their jobs. They’d be gone before I noticed.

”But for others, my phone rang out asking for “wetin dey”. It might interest you that my online colleagues were the best. For free, every material was published. Thanks, guys. If and when a man tries to mess with your intelligence; ridicule your professional competence, walk away if you wouldn’t speak up.”

While reliving his time at Channels Television, he said he once walked way when unsavoury words were said to him.

”I did and will do that again a million times. John Momoh will say to us “always do the right thing”. You never know when this culture will help your poor behind. I once walked away when one “oga,” said some unsavoury things to me.

”I walked because I got loads of shitty stuff on him…So, he lacked the morality to even speak in such a foul manner. I understand we need money. We will NEVER make money enough when we have ONLY one source of income. You must have streams of income to stay above board.

”Many employers box you up and prevent you from using your FREE time to make extra money even when it doesn’t CONFLICT with their business. Anyone who is “OK” with just a stream of income is either stealing from that workplace or elsewhere. You need another source!

”Same folks who have placed a ban on you getting another job, did more than one job while schooling abroad. Check it out 9 out of 10, that boss who doesn’t want you using your free time is a “thief” in the guise of a being a contractor using proxies.

”They enslave you by making you lose your financial independence.

”By being a slave, you become afraid and by being afraid you lose your confidence and lose it all! So, take it or leave it, the status of my Journalist colleague came to play there. If any of the media owners had asked the same question, would he have reacted or insulted them that way?

”His confidence, gait and dignity were NOT present and you know why! FFK knows he overreacted, bullied, tortured and dehumanised that young man. An apology isn’t late here. He should reach him and Nigerians.

”Same thing for his colleagues who all sat there thinking “Thank God nor be me o”. Na you o. Na us all. And guys, take no such going forward, please.

”By the way, EVERYONE working for me has been given a license to get other sources of income so far our job doesn’t suffer! I live my philosophy…so that no one will ask us “do you know how much I’m worth?” We aren’t worthless but PRICELESS,” he said.


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