Popular Nollywood actress Chacha Eke Faani has shared beautiful photos with her husband Austin as they both attend a family function which has left her fans asking her series of questions in the comment section.


Recall that the actress stated that her husband is not a violent person which was assumed by many of her fans and this has made the actress to constantly share photos of she and her husband at all times.

Recently, the actress shared some photos online where she was dressed in a lovely ankara dress whole her husband was dressed in a white tee-shirt while his trouser is the same ankara with his wife.


The actress explained that her sister-in-law got married and she alongside her husband were there to celebrate the new couple.

The actress was seen with other family members noting that everyone is happy.

However, fans and followers of the actress did not seem to agree with the couple with the photos she shared. Some noted that she was pregnant in her previous photos which she  shared and demanded to know what happened to it.


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Read some comments below:

onyekachukwu_o:”Why do I feel something not right about these two?”


vera.blaze:”I thought the video you uploaded last you were pregnant.”

charming_ebony:”Dt dressing for a sister/sister in law’s wedding, it’s a NO! And what of d baby bump? God help us in this institution called marriage.”

valerie_lambo55:”Nawa I think say she get belle o.”

vera__glad:”Old picture or new pix I tot u said u are pregnant?”

bukkiesteph:”These posts feel lifeless to me. like it’s ingenuine! But then it’s really not my life and we all at one time face things we wish never come to the open! Wish u all the best.”

adarbelle:”Wow.. Cha-cha you have really changed oo.. The old Chacha I used to know will never dress like this. There’s this spark and intense glow that you used to have… It’s as if you are trying so hard to hide your beauty. Wishing you love and light.”


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