My experience while Shooting ‘Zamani’s’ TV series – Actress

My experience while Shooting 'Zamani’s' TV series - Actress

The lead actress in Halita television series, Chisom Agoewuike, on Saturday, said that shooting the programme every day was a challenging experience for her.

She, however,  said that “it was okay” by her.

iBrandTV gathered that, Chisom Agoawuike was the lead actress in Halita, one of the most-watched Nigerian home movie series at the moment.

According to her, “Shooting on a daily basis was not easy at all, some days I didn’t know what to do, even though it was clearly written on the script.

“It got confusing because it was a daily, back-to-back shoot, although, how I was supposed to act and what I was supposed to say were there.”

Agoewuike who is a  Public Health graduate, born and bred in Owerri said that the most challenging task during the production of the television series was having to be on the set on a daily basis.

“The first challenge I had was when I had to shoot with the character of my mum on the hospital bed and that was the scene where I was saying goodbye and she couldn’t talk.

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“It really hit home and I think I genuinely cried because it was so similar to when I was leaving my parents in Owerri, to come to serve in Abuja. So, it was so hard for me to shoot but I pulled it off,” she said.

Relating to her character in the television series and her true person, Agoewuike said personality-wise, she could relate with Halita.

“There are lots of similarities between us, but in the love part, not so much, Halita is a lover girl and I’m not, she wears her heart on her sleeve and it’s not quite the same for me as a person.

“In fact, sometimes when I read the script, I think ‘Wow’ I should learn something from this girl; it does not cost anything to be more expressive in love.

“I really like how she expresses herself, she does not care, she is living in the moment and trust easily.

“I am much more guarded and not as quick to be expressive in love but in other areas we’re quite similar,” she said.

She, however, said that one of her top priorities is to work with some good Nigerian actors such as  Genevieve Nnaji, an AMAA award winner.

“There are a lot of people I want to work with locally and internationally.

“Mr Dimbo who produced Halita is also someone I had been praying to work with and my dream came true.  So, I will keep praying about everyone else I want to work with,” she said.

Halita, currently streaming on Showmax, is the story of a 19-year-old village girl who was forced to move to the city and work as a maid in the powerful Zamani household.

Her time with the Zamani’s was  highly eventful as she navigated her way between her fellow domestic staff and the Zamani family to earn her place in the residence.

The actress said she was very passionate about acting as she hoped to engage so well in it on a full-time basis.

“Acting is something I am very passionate about. It’s not a pastime but a full-time career, so I will go on to do good movies, be it TV or feature-length.

“But I will be very selective with the kind of work I take on going forward because I want to have a successful career.

“So I will do what feels right in my spirit as long as it tells a story and relays a positive message,” she said.

Agoewuike said her most memorable encounter with fans was the day she saw a car stop-by while she was waiting for Uber with an entire family: husband, wife and children screaming excitedly.

She said “So I went over and we took pictures and it was so beautiful because every member of that family watched the show.

“Another funny encounter I had was when I went for an event with Boma Eremie, who plays the role of King in the series.  We were sitting together and this lady walked up to us and started taking pictures.

She didn’t say anything; she just started taking pictures or making a video, I am not sure which, when she was done, she said ‘Hi Halita, Hi King’ in an extremely snotty manner and she left,” she said.


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