The Health and financial Benefits of Poultry Farming in the Nigerian and Global Market


In Nigeria, Poultry egg farmers produce eggs in high-quality standards ensuring that they contain the desired nutrients adequate for our healthy living. Egg contains a lot of supplements needed by the body which implies that nutrients lost in other meals can be easily replaced by eating eggs.


Eggs are essential to a family’s well-being, this includes adults and infants alike. It promotes healthy brain and growth, contains less sugar, prevents allergies, a very good source of amino acid and lots more. Eggs are the only food consumed without the risk of it being contaminated by bacteria because it is well protected in its shell. Hence, the importance of egg consumption cannot be overemphasized.

Boiled eggs are very low in calories and they are an excellent source of high protein. They also serve as antioxidants due to its important nutrient contents like choline, lutein and zeaxanthin. It is highly recommended that a minimum of three (3) eggs, should be consumed daily as it contains vital nutrients like Vitamin D, Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin E which the body needs for better immune function.

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It is an ignorant gesture to criticize egg consumption while an average daily consumption of red meat is on the excess. In Nigeria, we have various recipes for preparing delicious meat as a whole meal or snack e.g. Isi ewu (goat head), Nkwobi (cow foot and goat foot), Suya (beef steak), pepper soup and so on. All the above are made with red meat which gives Bad cholesterol (Ldl- low-density lipoprotein) while egg gives the Good cholesterol (Hdl- high-density lipoprotein). For the benefit of all, Hdl reduces Ldl in the body.

During this COVID-19 pandemic period, we should remember that eating healthy is the best form of medication. Also, eating a healthy meal can boost your immune system to defend and fight all sorts of diseases. So far, the active immune system is the best-known cure for COVID-19 and Egg consumption helps boost our immune system.

Eggs symbolizes fertility and profitability in the total wellbeing of man – from its nutritional value chain or health benefits to the financial benefits. It is pertinent to note that the egg trade is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria. A lot of people from diverse profession augment their income with proceeds from the egg trade for example bankers, security personnel, teachers, civil servants and other works of livelihoods.

Egg sellers make more profit than a lot of commodity distributors. A cement dealer’s profit on a bag of cement, which costs between #2400 to #2600, varies from #50 to #200. Considering overhead, Logistics cost and shop rent, estimated capital to start cement or some other commodity distribution falls into the region of #3 million to #5 million naira while initial capital to start the egg trade can be as little as #200 thousand naira. A crate of egg from the farm varies from #830 or #850 with a profit margin of #100 or #150 per crate with more sales turnover than cement. The same analysis applies to every other commodity which shows the high returns on investment in the egg trade.

We can conclude here by saying that Eggs are very healthy and they are also financially beneficial to everyone.

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Written by: Onyeagu Nwapali



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