Don Davis Reveals Names Of Students Who Sexually Abused Him

A student of the Deeper Life High School, Uyo Campus, Don Davis, who was allegedly assaulted by senior students of the school, has disclosed names of his abusers.


He narrated his ordeal in a 45-minute facebook video recorded by his mother.

Davis said, “They transferred me from JSS1 dormitory to SS1 because I bed-wet.

“There were two boys there, Ola and Shalom; they put their hands in my anus, brought out faeces from there. It made me feel somehow, and they used the hands to beat me.

”They did this to me by midnight when everybody was sleeping.


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“They told me not to tell anybody, or they would kill me, so I never reported it. The housemaster didn’t know they did this; he would be asleep. If I had told the vice principal, they would have killed me.”

He also revealed that he was beaten up and starved by a teacher in the school identified as Mr Akpan. He claimed Mr Akpan would always beat him with a belt, stick and stones.

“Mr Akpan beats me with anything he sees. Mr Akpan beats me because I wet my bed,” Davis said.

”One day that Mr Akpan was beating me, Mr Michael came to ‘bail me’. Mr Michael asked me if Akpan wanted to kill me. Mr Akpan said he didn’t care.”


He disclosed that he survived on biscuits and soft drinks from the shop at the hostel as Mr Akpan would send him back to the hostel when it was time for meals.


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