While many Nigerians are calling for a mass protest against the government of President Bola Tinubu, there are also others who are certain that protest is not the answer.

The hardship rocking the country is too much for Nigerians and they have decided to protest against what they describe as ‘bad government’.

#DefendNigeria: Nigerians Say No To Protests


By now, you may have seen #DefendNigeria trending.

Yes, that is the hashtag some Nigerians are using as they speak against any form of violent protest.


These people are certain that this mass protest others are calling for would only lead to destruction of infrastructures in the country, and it will also greatly affect the country’s economy.

Meanwhile, many others are of the opinion that the said mass protest is sponsored by opposition elements.

According to them, these people are the real enemies of the country.

People under this category are of the opinion that what happened during the #EndSARS protest should not be allowed to repeat itself.

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#DefendNigeria will come to reality as Nigerians rally to protect the country.

The protest is set to hold from August 1-15 in Abuja, and other states.

Furthermore, other persons on social media have called on security agencies to be proactive and alert to avert any violent protests in the country.

Many people using #DefendNigeria are advocating for Nigerians to support the government to build a better future instead of destroying the country via protest.


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