Sallah: Sell Rams, Cows In Traffic, Face Law – Lagos State Cautions

Sallah: Sell Rams, Cows In Traffic, Face Law - Lagos State Cautions

Lagos State Government on Monday, cautioned traders to adhere to its ban on the sales of rams and cows on highways, parks, and medians.

This comes as gridlock continues to persist in many areas in the state, including the Lagos Ibadan Expressway.

In a statement by the Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr.Tunji Bello, on Monday, he said that anyone found guilty of selling rams and cows on highways, parks, and medians would not be spared in enforcing the law.

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The statement was titled, ‘Sallah celebration: Ban on sales of rams, cows, on highways parks still in force’.

He also said all waste generated through the slaughtering of rams and other animals and waste from food items should be properly disposed of after bagging through approved PSP operators, just as everyone must avoid unsanitary actions.

He said, “In view of the prevalence of the pandemic COVID-19 and observance of the prescribed safety protocols, everyone must always ensure that they handle waste in the most appropriate ways.

“The law against street trading is still in force. Any form of street trading which includes the display of rams on major highways, road medians, walkways, lay-byes, gardens, and parks across the State will not be tolerated.

“While it is not unusual for traders to take advantage of the season to market and sell rams and other livestock, this must be done in designated markets without defacing the state’s aesthetics or compromising the wellness and wellbeing of residents.”


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