COVID-19 has been turned to spreading fear pandemic, says Adeniyi

COVID-19 has been turned to spreading fear pandemic, says Adeniyi

Former Chairman, Daily Times Group, Chief Tola Adeniyi, has expressed worries that the way the Coronavirus (COVID-19) issue is being handled has changed from containing the spread of a disease, but spreading the pandemic of fear that is meant to cage people emotionally and otherwise.

In a statement endorsed by him and made available to our correspondent in Lagos on Sunday, Adeniyi also faulted moves by some people to force Africans to serve as Laboratory Rats in the testing of vaccines being developed by Western powers to treat COVID-19.

While acknowledging the fact that Coronavirus exists as a disease, he decried the hysteria that is attached to steps being taken to contain the scourge.

“Yes, there is a plague called Corona Virus which of course has been in existence since 1961 in one variant or the other according to informed sources. And before Corona, the world had experienced terrible plagues dating as far back as pre-history.

“The Plague of 1917-1920 is reputed to have infected 50 million people, and dispatched 5 millions, including my grandmother and her little son, to the grave. From time to time viruses show their fangs and destroy the peace of the world. Some times viruses are manufactured by scientists who are commissioned by political leaders who want to play God.

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“Some are created by those who wickedly believe that they should kill a large chunk of human population so that they, the master race, should be the only one left behind to monopolize the wealth given by God for all mankind to enjoy.

“Incontrovertible evidence has confirmed that HIV/AIDS was officially created in 1981 with the sole objective of wiping out Homosexuals and the African race from the surface of the earth.

“The same is the story of deadly Ebola. The arrival of HIV/AIDS was packaged with the same confusion and fear as we are now witnessing with Covid-19. At a point in time, the propaganda machinery claimed that one out every four persons in Abuja was HIV positive!

“What is going on worldwide right now is orchestrated, well coordinated, well oiled, well organized and ferociously executed campaign of mass confusion going hand-in-hand with mafia-like clinically executed mass hysteria and mass hypnotism with combined objective of ramming fear down the throats of all citizens of the world.

“Organized confusion always throws up panic and pandemonium. If two or three people are programmed to raise a false alarm of suicide bomb in a busy stadium like Wembley in London, or at a crowded Onitsha market in in South East Nigeria, the whole place will be thrown into mayhem and several deaths may result from the stampede.

“Fear of course is well known as the father of all religions, father of all faiths, and the great great grandfather of Mind Control. It is the psychological weapon used by all power brokers throughout history. Once a people are made to feel that they are exposed to external danger they automatically submit their freedom, their thinking faculty, even their lives to the control of whoever promises them protection.

“This is the stage the entire world has been driven to by the manipulators of the current Coronavirus pandemic which smart Alexs have turned into a huge global industry.

“This time around, this evil propaganda must fail. And all men and women whose skulls still harbour some brain must ensure that they are not fooled by any false propaganda. Covid-19 was/is a bio-weapon created by the combined evil designs of Chinese and US soldier-scientists which went out of hand at one point and got messed up by leakages.

“The fall out ballooned and devastated Wuhan and her neighbourhood and flew across to the US where at the last count it has sent 70,847 innocent souls out of the world, with Italy 29,000, UK 30,000, China 4000 and the whole of Africa 2000,” he said.

Adeniyi called for a stop to the daily score chart being given about COVID-19, as he described it as a fear instilling method.

He urged the government to focus on African herbal cultures to find cure for the disease, saying our forefathers perfected that many years ago.


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