COVID-19: Peru’s number increase as cases total 100,000

Peru’s number of novel coronavirus infections has crossed the threshold of 100,000, the Health Ministry announced on Wednesday, as experts called on the government to extend the ongoing health emergency.

Peru has now confirmed 104,020 cases and 3,024 deaths, making it the Latin American country with the most infections after Brazil.

COVID-19 cases have increased rapidly since the first one was discovered in early March, leading to shortages and overpricing of medicines.

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Health services are on the verge of collapse.

Miguel Palacios, the dean of Peru’s Medical College, called on President Martin Vizcarra to extend the health emergency which allows the government to take rapid health measures and which is due to end on Sunday, daily Correo reported.

The South American country has been under a quarantine for about two months, leaving the economy largely at a standstill.


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