COVID-19: It’s not yet time to relax the restrictions, Ex-Minister warns

Following the federal government efforts in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic in the country, former Minister of Aviation, Chief Osita Chidoka, has on Saturday, stated that it is not yet time for the federal government to relax on restriction.
Chidoka said this in his Easter message where he called on all Nigerians, both Christians and Muslims, to embrace and exhibit the love Christ exemplified for us through his sufferings and glorification during this Easter period.
The Peoples Democratic Party chieftain said the lockdown has been effective in checking the spread of the pandemic despite the obvious challenges of hunger, deprivation and worsening economic conditions.

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“I want to thank everyone for the effort so far in adhering to the lockdown. I also want to remind everybody that it is not yet time to relax the restrictions as lessons from other countries have shown that a single asymptomatic infected person can spread the disease to thousands.
“This was the case in the funeral in Albany, Georgia where the virus spread from one person who showed no symptom of the disease to over 200 people in that single gathering. Opening the churches for Easter service will endanger more people and that will not reflect the love and sacrifice that Easter symbolises. Despite the severe challenges of the lockdown, it is still a tested and sure way to flatten the curve of the virus.
“Since we have already started, this is not yet time to call off the lockdown. I call on state governors and all other stakeholders to come together to encourage us in this season of sacrifice like Christ did on Good Friday,” he said.
Continuing, Chidoka said people must sacrifice for the health and wellbeing of their loved ones and by extension other Nigerians. He reminded Nigerians that it is out of great love that Christ came to the earth to suffer and save us. As such, Nigerians, like all people of goodwill, are called upon to reciprocate that same act of love and selflessness to others.
“Let us still maintain social distance, stay home and use all the virtual means to communicate. We can not afford to congregate in this season.
“At this time we should practice physical distancing but maintain spiritual nearness.” He said.
The former minister called for continued goodwill to the vulnerable and less priviledged. He acknowledged that while the economy is generally bad for all Nigerians, it is still important that we continue to share the love. He enjoined everyone to reach out to the most vulnerable in our society by extending food and financial support.
“We should sustain the giving of alms, foodstuff, and support during this lockdown. There are difficult days ahead but, together, Nigerians will defeat this COVID-19 pandemic”, Chidoka said.


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