Coronavirus: Essential foodstuffs to have at Home

One of the effects of the stay at home directive by the federal government to all Nigerians, as part of efforts to curb the spread of the deadly disease, Coronavirus is on our feeding pattern.

While our modes of business, association, others may be slightly adjusted, and the impacts minimal, our mode of feeding if not properly managed may result in sickness more deadly than the Coronavirus.

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So these foodstuffs are essentials we must have at home to keep us moving during the stay at home period.

They include: Rice, beans, noodles, yam, maize, dry and fresh vegetables, ground pepper, unripe plantains, salt and sugar; seasonings; dry fish, crayfish, semo, garri, honey, onions, butter, liquor, beverages, pap/ custard, biscuits, cooking oil, etc.

Apart from these essential foodstuffs longevity, they are relatively cheap and can easily be prepared.


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