The recent cholera pandemic in Lagos State is indeed a scary one.

Asides the health challenges it poses, there is a ripple effect this outbreak could have on the already overinflated prices of food items.

Cholera Cholera is mostly caused by contaminated food and water.


Because of this, it is advised that people cook their food properly themselves, as food from restaurants may not be cooked with healthy items or under hygienic conditions.

Also, it is of great importance that drinking water is properly treated before consumption, and a clean environment should be maintained.

However, in reaction to these guidelines, the prices of food items could skyrocket as demand increases.

This is because people may likely patronise food canteens less and buy more raw food items to cook in their homes.

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Also, other causes of cholera could include poor hygiene practices, such as not washing hands with soap and clean water after using the toilet or before handling food, which can facilitate the transmission of cholera.

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