The cost of getting a car in Nigeria is high and the rising dollar is not making it funny for many, even importers. Amidst the rising cost, one is not able to use the land border because of restrictions 

Now, in the bustling streets of Nigeria, a tale unfolds, as the car importers seek to sway the government’s stance on border restrictions.


Car Importers Plead With FG To Lift Land Border Restrictions

Car importers’ Plea

The Association of Motor Dealers of Nigeria (AMDON) has asked the government to let people bring cars from other countries through the land borders again.

The boss of the AMDON group in Sokoto State, Manaur Zagi, made the request during a meeting with the Nigerian Customs Service. The meeting was held on Tuesday, May 15.

Both parties talked about a special time when people can pay the right taxes for their cars brought into Nigeria.


The AMDON boss said the border closure caused a lot of trouble and made many people lose their jobs in the car business.

This made the situation worse in the Northwest part of Nigeria.

“We think if the government lets us bring cars through the land borders again, it will be easier for people to do business. It will also help to stop illegal smuggling,” he said.

Kamal Mohammad, who is in charge of the Customs in the area, said the car importers Association is important in bringing and selling cars in Nigeria. He said they chose members of the association for the meeting because they were key players in the car business.


FG Rules To Car Importers

The government gave a 90-day time from March 4, 2024, to July 5, 2024, for people to pay the right taxes for their cars without getting into trouble. This is part of the Customs’ plan to make sure people follow the rules.

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“We appreciate the work the association does in bringing and selling cars in Nigeria.

The 90-day time given for people to pay the right taxes for their cars is a chance for everyone to do the right thing,” Kamal said.

He also said the government’s rule to stop bringing cars through the land borders was a decision about taxes, but they will talk to the big bosses about AMDON’s request.

During the meeting, they discussed the two kinds of cars covered by the 90-day time: cars brought into Nigeria without paying the right taxes, and cars kept because they were not valued correctly.

People who want to pay the right taxes for their cars need to go through a Customs Agent and submit the right documents to the Customs offices, he remined the car importers.

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