Burna Boy Says There Are Few Respectable Nigerians He Would Give Up His Last Blood For

Singer Burna Boy has disclosed that there are only few Nigerians he would gladly give up his life for.

The music star made this known in an interview session with Ojy Okpe on Arise TV to celebrate Nigeria’s 60th Independence anniversary. Burna spoke about issues concerning Nigeria where he mentioned that there are only few Nigerians that he respects and will be willing to die for them.

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He added that those set of Nigerians have gone out of their ways to become who they are and as well promote the country which our leaders have failed to do.

In his words: “There are a few hard respectable Nigerians, serious respectable Nigerians that I will give up my last blood for and I respect them a lot because they have gone out of their ways internationally to become who they are and promoted positivity because the appointed leaders are not doing anything of that sort.”

He further revealed that Nigerians are suffering and smiling, a popular phrase of the legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

He said; “We suffer and smile but there a reason why we do that comfortably because it has been inbuilt since we were tender.” 

Burna also said that the Music Industry in the country cannot thrive well if proper infrastructure is not put in place. He said that youths are now focused on one thing…’ to be fly’ because of misplaced priorities from the actual happening in the society. Burna also admitted that he also is guilty of this.


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