Breaking: No student died, 3 students receiving treatment after Lagosexplosion

*Some staff still missing – School Management

Following the explosion that claimed several lives yesterday in Lagos, the school management of Bethlehem International Catholic School, Abule Ado has revealed that none of the student died during the blast.

Speaking at the scene Monday morning, Monsior Jerome Oduntan, the Director for Education for Catholic Arch diocese of Lagos State said that there is no student that died during the explosion.

Monsior Oduntan noted that we have a population of 268 students, because of the stampede 50 of them sustained injuries, we took them to the hospital and they were treated and discharged and all the students are at home with their parents. But we still have two students that are undergoing treatment at the Naval hospital and one at Lasuth.

Three students are under going treatment at the moment. Not even a single student died. And no student is missing.

However I am still gathering information on the number of staffs that are yet to be accounted so I won’t be able to tell you how many we are looking for”.

We have about 80 staffs including teaching and non teaching staffs. I can only confirmed two staffs that yesterday, the administrator, that is the principal and a female security officer. Those are the ones I can confirm for now.

Also, the school sectional head of the senior secondary school, Omonuwa Benjamin said at the moment we are looking for four staff who are still missing. We lost two staff who are in the moutary, because it was on Sunday we had domestic staffs who were on duty.


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