Breaking: 4 journalists sentenced to death

Four detained journalists were on Saturday sentenced to death on charges of spying by a Yemeni court controlled by the country’s Iran-linked Houthi rebels, according to a rights advocate.

The court in the Houthi-controlled capital, Sana’a, also ordered the continued jailing of six other journalists on similar charges, said the Head of the Geneva-based rights group SAM, Tawfiq al-Humeidi.

al-Humeidi condemned the rulings, which are not final.

“They mark a very serious development against the press and journalists in Yemen. They continue the [Houthi] group’s policy of silencing opponents,” al-Humeidi said.

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There was no comment from the Houthis, who have been locked in a devastating power struggle with Yemen’s Saudi-backed government for over five years.

The Houthis previously issued nearly 150 death sentences against dissidents convicted of spying for the “enemy,” according to al-Humeidi. None of those sentences has been carried out.

On Wednesday, the Saudi coalition announced a two-week ceasefire in Yemen to focus efforts on fighting the new coronavirus in the impoverished country.

The warring sides have since accused each other of breaching the truce.


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