Bishop Ibezim to Priests: Don’t abandon your flock in this lockdown period

Most Rev. Alexander Ibezim, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Awka, has called on priests in the diocese not to abandon their members who were passing through various hardship caused by the Coronavirus Disease and the prevailing lockdown.

Ibezim made the call in his Sunday sermon, entitled “This sickness is not unto death” delivered through electronic media.

He said that there was hunger and starvation in the land under the current lockdown, adding that members of the diocese needed their care and prayers more than ever.

He, however, pointed out that the lockdown was a hard but informed choice being that it was an effective means of stopping the spread of Coronavirus and possibly eliminating it from human existence.

According to the bishop, if there was any time the parishioners should be catered for, it is now.

“Our priests and pastors should keep praying for their people, at the same time assisting them with foodstuffs to ensure they don’t die of hunger.

“Christians should continue to have faith in God in the midst of the ravaging Coronavirus pandemic. It would soon be over,” he said.

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Ibezim, who cited the Book of St. John, noted that even though the bible was not specific on the nature of sickness he suffered, Lazarus’ resurrection was a proof to God’s power over sickness and death.

He said that some of the challenges humanity was facing today, including hunger, deprivation, isolation and fear were not far from what happened in the days of old.

“In this time of COVID-19, when there are deaths everywhere, I encourage you not to give up, there’s still hope for you, your business, career and studies in the midst of adversities.

“All our prayers, aspirations and crying to God is not in vain, as Jesus raised Lazarus up, so he will lift you up.

“Lazarus sickness resulted in physical death but by the time Jesus arrived in Bethany, Lazarus had already spent four days in the tomb, it was an impossible situation, yet Jesus raised him up.

“This sickness of Coronavirus, hunger, isolation and poverty is not unto death, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, the timetable of your life is not in the hands of your enemies,” he said.


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