Biometric payment system will make transactions easier, says Torche’s Sisan Dorsu

Torche, a Nigerian startup, is ready to improve payment solutions in Africa with its biometric payment systems, which allow users to make payments using their face or fingerprint.

The company reiterates that the new biometric payment system will outperform current POS technology and provide clients with the most up-to-date payment technology system, allowing them to conduct transactions with simplicity and convenience.

“I think when you overlook a massive population, instead of digging deeper into building solutions for their problems, we won’t be able to uncover many situations that will also apply to the rest of the world,” the Chief Executive Officer of Torche, Sisan Dorsu, said.

She further stated, “We’re building Torche to give people the opportunity to evolve and achieve their full potential by making financial services accessible by simply being identified through their biometrics.”

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The biometric-enabled solution is now available in Lagos, Nigeria, and will be expanded to other supermarkets, cafés, petrol stations, and other locations in the coming months.
Torche is collaborating with numerous Nigerian banks to deliver its products to businesses and customers. “The security and privacy of each user’s data is Torche’s top concern,” the business noted.


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