Beirut: Lebanon Information Minister quits over blast

Manal Abdel Samad

Following protests over the Lebanese government’s role in the Beirut blast that claimed the lives of 154 last week, Lebanon’s information minister, Manal Abdel Samad, has quit her role.

In a statement of apology to the citizens, she said, “After the enormous Beirut catastrophe, I announce my resignation from government.”

After the August 4 blast, there had been calls from protesters for the entire government to resign. Many had stormed several ministries and vowed to return again.

Head of Lebanon’s Maronite church, Beshara Rai, demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Hassan Diab and his cabinet.

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In a sermon held today, he said, “It is not enough for a lawmaker to resign here or a minister to resign there.

“It is necessary, out of sensitivity to the feelings of the Lebanese and the immense responsibility required, for the entire government to resign because it is incapable of moving the country forward.”

Samad is not the only government official to have resigned following the blast, at least six lawmakers resigned before her.

By Daniel Ojukwu


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