BBNaija Lockdown: Seven days inside big brother house

BBNaija Lockdown: Seven days inside big brother house

On Sunday, July 19, 2020, 20 housemates entered into Big Brother’s House for the fifth season of BBNaija.

The  reality show in which contestants live in an isolated house and compete for a large cash prize worth $100000 at the end of the show by avoiding being evicted by viewers.

The 20 housemates includes Ozoemena ‘Ozo’ Chukwu, Victoria ‘Vee’ Adeyele, Nelson Enwerem Prince, Boluwatife ‘Lilo’ Aderogba, Timmy ‘Trickytee’ Sinclair, Lucy Essien, Terseer Kidwayya, Dorothy Bachor, Praise Nelson, Florence Wathoni Anyansi, Tochukwu ‘Tochi’ Okechukwu, Kate ‘Ka3na’ Jones, Eric Akhigbe, Ngoi ‘Erica’ Nlewedim, Bright ‘Brighto’ Osamudiamen, Aisha ‘Kaisha’ Umaru, Emuobonuvie ‘Neo’ Akpofure, Tolani ‘Tolanibaj’ Shobajo, Olamilekan ‘Laycon’ Agbeleshe and Rebecca ‘Nengi’ Hampson – formed a bond and promised a lot of vibes but, while many of them have gone under the radar, others have swarm to the surface so quickly.

A few moments have defined the house in the last seven days


Dora’s explosive entrance

From the moment she entered the house, Dora got everyone talking about her bosom. Hard to miss, she became instant hit and garnered the most fans – most of them men. Scores trooped to her Instagram page to get a batter look. She was not wanting in the looks department but her bosom stole the shine.

Almost four days after the 24-year-old entrepreneur entered the House, she had her Instagram account verified.

Ozo ‘fine boy’ and his ‘triangulous etanglement

Actually, he was the first to set Twitter ablaze with his fair, clean looks and it did not go unnoticed. He is one housemate who has maintained his fans and, after his cool, pre-Saturday Night party moves, he won more fans.

During his Diary session, eh explained to Big Brother how much he wanted to get to “know Dora well” and expressed his desire to become good friends with her. On Saturday, though, he was all over Nengi but his advances fell flat when she refused to kiss him, insisting that “you have to be my boyfriend to be kissed”.

Dora, not quite happy with the ‘triangulous entanglement’, begged to be let off the drama and not be anyone’s means to an end.

The beautiful ones are here…and a new HoH

Eric and Nengi lit up the House with their beauty and, it was easy for Social Media match-makers to predict who could get who in the series of ‘shippings’ for the season.

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Nengi wowed everyone with ‘front’ and ‘back’ and, though, she had warned that “there is more to me than how I look”, it was pleasant surprise when she successfully completed the task for the week and beat neo to clinch the Head of House crown. This earned her a right to move into the HoH Lounge. While many expected her to go for a male partner to enjoy the goodies of the lounge, she coolly opted for Wathoni as her Deputy Head of House.

Laycon’s vibes

On Sunday, not a few made fun of Laycon. Fast-forward three days later, everyone was singing his praise. He came across as the sage in the House, with his wise words and his banging single which went viral on Social Media did him justice.

He got knocks for his sense of fashion but his shenanigans with Erica, Nengi and Ka3na during the Saturday House Party got everyone talking and widened his ever-increasing fan-base.

True colours

Well, the tides finally reached shore on Thursday, during the arena games.

The Housemates were divided into groups – Black & White – with Ka3na and Wathoni on different teams. A team was supposed to ask the other a question and, if they get the answer, earn a point.

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Team Black mentioned Japan as the answer to a question from Team White about the next host of the Olympics. Team White refused to award the point, insisting that the correct answer is Tokyo. Arguments flew back and forth and it escalated quite quickly, with Wathoni and Ka3na the loudest. They said unkind words, nearly came to blows but were easily and quickly separated by the lads.


While Brighto has seemed very reserved and careful with both words and action, he has been the butt of jokes on Social Media, with many likening his thoughtfulness and lengthy episodes of quietness to that of a minister of the Gospel.

The multi-lingual marine engineer went viral on Social Media up on Saturday night, hours before the party, when he turned up for the party dressed in an tie-and-die top and maroon pants. But he got some rave moments when he danced behind Erica and held up his drink…only to lose the plot when the dance got intense.


Nengi and her ‘dare’ game

Everyone in the House had come to know Erica and Kiddwaya as a pair but, on Nengi shook that impression after the Saturday Night Party when, during the Truth or Dare game, she nominated Wathoni to kiss either Praise or Kiddwaya. Wathoni chose the latter and they were lip-locked for 20 seconds. Social Media was abuzz. This was moments after she had Erica had a talk about her stand with Kiddwaya.

Prince’s expression of interest

While the Saturday night part did not go down well, with many wondering why Sarz had to play Simi’s ‘Duduke’ at a party, there was a lot to make everyone forget the disc jockey and what he did not get right.

Prince approached Ozo to tell him of his desire to get Nengi – but whether this was a warning to Ozo or just an expression of interest, it is still early days to tell.

Laycon goes all smooth on Erica

Just before the party, Laycon and Erica had a moment and the singer went all milky on the beauty. “Your lighten up when you hear good things about yourself; that smile, your eyes…there, you are doing it now…” He actually got a reaction off her.

As he serenaded her with words, she purred and, at some point, he reached out and ran his hands over her outstretched right leg.

Lyricist on the roll.

That Saturday Night ‘blues’

While Erica thought Kiddwaya’s incursion up North was not allowed, she was twerking before Ozo minutes later and got her behind squeezed seductively. She didn’t seem to mind much. This did set tongues wagging. Is her ship drifting into new waters, already?

While Eric went for a ‘1-second kiss’ with a tipsy Lilo, Taolanibaj vehemently refused to kiss Praise. While she acknowledged it was a game, no amount of pressuring could get her to do the deed. Her reason: she considers kissing “too personal” and doesn’t feel comfortable, unless she has the same vibe with the person.

This put paid to the game and everyone called it a night.


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