BBNaija: Here’s how Erica coordinated Housemates in four days

Here’s how Erica coordinated Housemates in four days

As easy as it seems, coordinating Housemates can be a herculean task for whoever is Head of House.

Since the beginning of the BBNaija Lockdown edition, the personality of the four Heads had determined shape of the House.

From Nengi to Lucy, Ozo and Erica, each of the Housemate has shown viewers their abilities and capabilities in leading the team.

Erica took over the mantle of leadership in the fourth week.

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Underestimating the UK- trained actress

Though the 16 Housemates may have underestimated Erica’s supremacy because of her ability to get along with everyone, she stood her ground and made her stand clear to all housemates.

First decision

Erica’s first decision after emerging the Head of House dictated what Housemates will expect all through the week. She had two choices of deputy – Laycon and Kiddwaya with Kiddwaya quick to accept the offer. The lovers had led the House to a safe spot so far.

Putting Lucy in her place

Erica might appear meek but she was quick to call any or erring Housemates to order. On day 24, Lucy told Kiddwaya Erica is the head and Kiddwaya the neck “…and if you say the head doesn’t turn, it doesn’t turn,” she added.

Erica took the opportunity to ask Lucy what she meant by that statement from where the disagreement began. They had a little argument and it was the first time she surprised viewers with her other side. Lucy had it coming before the outburst and Erica took the right opportunity to put her in her place.

Calling Bright O to order

Just when it seems her authority has been flouted, Erica took a swipe at Bright O on day 25. Her decision to take the mantle of leadership saw Erica having a small misunderstanding with Bright O.

When it was time for wager rehearsals, Bright O got up from his bed that minute to take his bath. Erica went to have a chat with him and it didn’t end well. Erica instructed the director Trikytee to take Bright O off the drama.

As expected, this caused a sour reaction from some of the Housemates who had different opinions. From Wathoni to Praise, they took turns in insisting Erica acted wrongly and sentimentally.

Later, Erica called the Housemates and explained Bright O was not respectful of the time of the others and she had already gone to speak to him about it. To end this, Erica settled the issue by asking Bright O to apologise to the House.


It’s worthy of note to mention that the Housemates had lost their wager for two consecutive weeks under the seemingly loose leadership of Nengi and Lucy.

It took Ozo’s iron hand to get the Housemates back in the winning shape. Hence, Erica’s style of leadership might not be totally out of place.


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