If only the traders at Banex Plaza, a popular shopping hub in Abuja, had known that things would turn out this way, trust us, they wouldn’t have dared to attack the soldiers of the Nigerian Army.

This incident happened on Saturday, May 18, 2024, however, its aftermath lasted for over a week with the complete closure of Banex Plaza.

Banex Plaza Reopens After One Week


An unidentified customer had strolled into a shop in the market.

The customer’s intention was to buy a phone.

Hence, he decided to visit Banex Plaza.

The reason is simple, that plaza is a well known market for electronics and telecommunication gadgets.

The traders in the shop sold him a phone, but it was a faulty phone.

The angry customer thought of the best way to retrieve his money from the traders and decided to invite some soldiers to come to his aide.

Traders Vs Soldiers

Instead of resolving the issue peacefully, the trader allegedly enlisted the help of the thugs.


These thugs proceeded to attack the soldiers.

The confrontation escalated into physical altercations involving passersby and security guards.

That day, at least two soldiers and another civilian were targeted by the thugs, who operated in separate groups and subjected them to physical abuse.

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After the incident, Banex Plaza was temporary closed to ensure public safety and order.

Banex Plaza Reopens

However, in a recent development, Banex Plaza has been reopened after being shut down for a week.

The plaza resumed operations at 2:30 PM on Monday, May 27.

This marks the end of a tense period that had disrupted business activities.

According to reports, the reopening was agreed upon after successful resolutions between the traders involved in the altercations and military authorities.

This agreement comes as a relief to many business owners and customers who frequent the bustling electronics and telecommunications market.


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