Balogun Market is a hub for different household and fashion items ranging from clothes to shoes, home appliances, hair products, and much more.

Balogun market human hair business

Deep in the heart of Lagos Island, nestled within the bustling Balogun Market, lies a treasure trove for hair enthusiasts: the human hair section.


On this week’s episode of Inside Market, IbrandTv took a dive into the vibrant world hair vendors.

We met passionate traders who understand the trends of making Lagosians look fabulous in all kinds of weaves.

One of the hair traders, Aliu Ugochukwu, has been weaving magic with hair for over a decade.

The hair vendor was introduced to the business by his brother in 2011.

Also, Aliu has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of a good weave.

However, the path to success hasn’t been without its hurdles.

Despite the obstacles, the allure of the business is undeniable.


The hair on offer ranges from luxurious donor hair costing up to 900,000 naira, to more affordable options like Peruvian hair and bone straight styles.

How Friday Started The Business Without Capital

Friday Samuel’s journey is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit thriving within Balogun Market.

He started with no capital, relying on the trust of importers, who allowed him to sell their hair on commission.

Friday deals in a variety of hairs, from silky Vietnamese locks to budget-friendly synthetics; there’s a weave to suit every taste and budget.

Rising Star

Also, our spotlight shone on Somadina Henry Okolie, who is a rising star in the hair game.

He is currently assisting established sellers.

However, Somadina dreams of establishing his own hair shop someday.

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From established entrepreneurs to ambitious newcomers, the human hair section of Balogun Market pulsates with energy.

It’s a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and, of course, the perfect weave to turn heads and boost confidence.

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