Breaking: Aseyin appease deities to end Coronavirus in Nigeria

COVID-19: Aseyin makes appeasement to deities
Aseyin of Iseyin, Oba (Dr) Abdul-Ganiy Adekunle Oloogunebi

THE Aseyin of Iseyin, Oba (Dr) Abdul-Ganiy Adekunle Oloogunebi has on Tuesday made appeasement to deities in the ancient town to ward off the novel Coronavirus pandemic in the state.

Oba Adekunle, who supervised various activities carried out by adherents of Oro, Elegbara and Egungun deities was blessed by the iconic Owolewa masquerade at his palace.

Aseyin had earlier organised various sensitisation programmes around the community alongside his traditional council members, where the people of Iseyin were told to maintain social distance and practice hygienic acts like hand washing to prevent spread of COVID-19.

“This appeasement is in consonance with historical activities of our forefathers, especially whenever there was outbreak of epidemic, the Owolewa masquerade has prayed for our land to be healed of the virus and very soon, it will become a thing of the past.”

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“This appeasement is part of other efforts we have made alongside other religions to also tackle the pandemic with spirituality and like it has always been effective, we are sure, the virus is at its last stage to leave.”

“We have engaged the people on advocacy and sensitization on ways to prevent contracting the disease while our people are strictly adhering to the restriction order announced by the State government.”

“I am using this occasion to implore the people of Oyo State to please heed the warnings and directives of the government, the State administration has done so much to safeguard us from the pandemic and the efforts can only yield fruits if we adhere to their directives.”

Owolewa masquerade belongs to the Adeyanju Oloogunebi progenitors and it is called out by the reigning king whenever there was epidemics or pestilence in the land to appease the gods.

The masquerade prayed against the Coronavirus and other diseases, barrenness, poverty, war and other afflictions.


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