American Rapper Cardi B React To #EndSARS, Reaffirms Love For Nigeria 

American rapper Cardi B has reaffirmed her love for Nigeria as she also reacted to the nationwide #EndSARS protest in the country.

A Twitter user identified as Asiwaju Larry took to his page to call the attention of Cardi B informing her of the recent development in the country asking her to help use her platform to publicise the happenings in Nigeria.

According to Larry, Nigeria is in a state of pandemonium as it is no longer safe adding that if she ever loved Nigeria, she should use her platform to create more awareness.

He wrote:“Madam @iamcardib, trump is not your only problem. Your beloved Nigeria is currently in a state of pandemonium.

We are not safe!! If you’ve ever loved this country, please help use your platform to create more awareness for us.

Enough is enough! #EndSarsProtests #EndSARSNow!!”

In response to this, Cardi B asked for more details on what was happening and promised to make her research adding that she loves Nigeria.


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