Alaba International market is well known for its for its diverse array of electronics.

Also, the market is the heartbeat of Lagos music scene, particularly in its musical instrument section.

Alaba musical instrument
Alaba musical instrument

IbrandTV journeyed to Alaba market to catch a glimpse of the musical instrument section and how it operates.

Here, amidst the cacophony of commerce, lies a sanctuary for musicians, enthusiasts, and dreamers.

The journey begins with the traditional African drums – the djembe, talking drum, and bata.

These instruments are more than just tools; they are storytellers, connecting generations through their rhythms.


Music instruments of various kinds; drums, keyboards, guitars, saxophone and many more are on display in the ever bubbling market.

The Spirit Of Ancestors

Speaking with sellers of musical instruments in the market, it became evident why the instruments could be used as medium to connect to the spiritual.

“Each drum is handmade, crafted with care.

“The wood, the animal skin, everything has a meaning. When you play, you feel the spirit of our ancestors.”


Beyond tradition, Alaba embraces modernity. Electric guitars, keyboards, and synthesizers line the stalls, reflecting the fusion of global and local sounds.

Young musicians flock here, eager to find the perfect instrument that will define their sound.


The market is a melting pot of genres, from Afrobeat to hip-hop, highlife to jazz.

This place is amazing. You can find everything here. It’s like a musician’s paradise. And the people, they know music, they understand what you need.

The market’s diversity extends to wind instruments. The saxophone, a staple in Afrobeat, stands proudly among trumpets and flutes, waiting to create the next Fela Kuti or Lagbaja.

“Store owners are not just merchants; they are passionate about music. They tune, repair, and often teach the art of their instruments.

‘Music is life. We don’t just sell; we guide. We help you find your voice, your sound.

The soundscape here is dynamic – an ongoing symphony of drums, strings, and brass. It is the pulse of the market, a reflection of Lagos itself.

Music education thrives in these narrow alleys. Informal lessons and impromptu performances are common, fostering a community of learners and maestros.

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We teach the young ones, keep the tradition alive, and blend it with new sounds. It’s a beautiful exchange of knowledge.”

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