AGN Respond To Critics After Pastor Fufeyin Gifts Actor Clem Ohameze N8M

AGN Respond To Critics After Pastor Fufeyin Gifts Actor Clem Ohameze N8M


The president of the Actors Guild Of Nigeria (AGN), Emeka Rollas has frowned at the criticism the guild received from social media users.

Recall that Pastor Fufeyin gifted ailing actor Clem Ohameze the sum of N8M for his health issues and this has sparked controversial statement from the public that the guild abandoned it’s members in crisis.

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In a statement signed by Barthelomew Gerald Aguugo, the Press Secretary to AGN, the guild highlighted the efforts made so far towards the welfare of it’s members.

AGN Respond To Critics After Pastor Fufeyin Gifts Actor Clem Ohameze N8M

According to the statement, it was revealed that some actors have been sabotaging developmental schemes which has been provided for members.

Read the full statement:

The Actors Guild of Nigeria commends Pastor Jeremiah Fufeyin for his financial assistance towards medical interventions of some of our members especially these recent financial assistance to Actors, Prince Emeka Ani and Clem Ohameze.

The Guild recognizes the right of individual members to solicit funds from any source to solve personal problems. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin Owomowomo 1 has been assisting Nollywood in different endeavours since the inception of his Ministry.

However, this does not insinuate that the Guild has failed in providing adequate welfare packages for her members.

As stated earlier in some of our bulletins, one of the major focal areas under the welfare packages of this present administration is the healthcare of members.

Shortly after the ease of lockdown in year 2020, the Guild launched an affordable retail Health Management scheme, HMO, with over 600 hospitals across the country to enable members access qualitative medicare at N1,600.00 per month or N22,200.00 per Anum.

The Guild is also in partnership with Ruzu Wholistic Healthcare Company for free alternative medical treatment for members with ailments that defile orthodox medications.

The President went further to launch the Trust Fund where funds were raised to support the sick and incapacitated members as well as families of the bereaved under the supervision of Joke Silva the Chairman of the AGN Trust Fund.

Our esteemed members magnanimously donated to the Trust Fund graciously and the Committee judiciously disbursed over four million naira to provide urgent intervention to the sick and bereaved families.

As a Guild, AGN has been very proactive in creating welfare packages for our members especially in this challenging time of covid-19 pandemic. But the issue remains that some members ignore signing up or take advantage of these wonderful welfare initiatives.

All these packages are put in place to discourage registered members from going cap in hand to solicit for support publicly or on social media for survival. It is an embarrassment to our noble Guild and the acting profession.

AGN has the largest number of members in Nollywood with 33 functioning state chapters.

Even though some members are not financially up-to-date and display fragrant disregard to Guild activities, we still do not discriminate against them when it comes to welfare packages and protection of their professional rights. Every organisation has code of ethics and and so is AGN. Our members are always advised to officially inform the Guild in cases that overwhelm them. Be it

HMO or life insurance they are not free, members are meant to sign up. Where members don’t sign up and run into health emergency should the Guild be chasing them around?

The Guild has put in place, an organized machinery to raise funds for members in severe conditions that require huge amount of money for interventions. We appeal to Nigerians with deep pockets and love for our craft to exhaust these official medium rather than subjecting revered acts to ridicule. While we are working assiduously to change the narrative, we have opened a more credible channel of receiving financial and material assistance for our members.

Thank you

Barthelomew Gerald Aguugo Press Secretary to the

President Actors Guild of Nigeria.


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