Actress Chacha Eke’s Brother Reveals That His Sister Is Not Bipolar

Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke’s brother Ikechukwu took to social media to contradict his sister’s claims about her having bipolar disorders and issues surrounding her marriage.

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Recently, the actress has shared some disturbing videos where she disclosed she is done with her marriage to her husband Austin and this has gotten fans talking on social media.

Reacting to these claims, Ikechukwu, the actress brother has shed more light into the issue on ground. He revealed that Chacha had not had access to her phone for about five days and does not know how the video surfaced online.

According to him, his sister does not have bipolar disorder as seen on social media and does not know how the video was made and asked why such information was posted without her consent.

He went further by saying that his sister’s case is not related to domestic violence but noted that it doesn’t make his sister’s husband innocent adding that everyone knows something is fishy somewhere.


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